HR Services

The Human Resource Services of Evolve ExcellenceTM is unique in several ways. We work with you hand-in-hand, trying to understand your needs of potentiality carefully. Read on to know a bit more in detail about what all are included in our services.


We recruit both from the domestic and multinational segments. One of our fortes is the global approach of our HR team. Particularly, we give attention to cross country recruitment, i.e. placing foreign nationalities in Indian business firms and Indian candidates all across the world. Thus we serve the medium and senior management talent needs around the globe.

Payroll and Payroll Management

Starting from the responsibility of enlistment of your employees to the supervision and handling of their salaries, bonuses, appraisals, net pay and deductions, you can leave to us. Our team is equipped to handle your financial affairs too.

Policy Making

We understand that every company has requirements distinct from each other. They cannot be generalised and the same or similar policies cannot be forced upon different work sectors and scenarios. We can help you make policies which are moulded to match your work environment and goals and, at the same time, be ethical.


Any goal that you set will need a systematic approach. Our HR team can assess your goals and apply corporate strategies accordingly to make realistic and practical plans for the process of achieving your ends. It does not matter if the proposals call for short-term or long-term planning, our team is ready.


Business analysis is needed at regular intervals and frequently because the needs of the employers, the employees and the clients keep changing. Our team can be by your side whenever you think you need to check if you are serving your clients’ changing needs well.

Statutory Compliances

We advocate ethical operation of a business. To help you maintain the law and order of you state and country in the treatment of your employees, our team can help you thoroughly as they are dedicated to serve without any loopholes.


After recruitment, the next logical step for HR managers is to assign responsibilities to employees keeping in mind their expertise and potential. If needed, training can also be suggested to and arranged for candidates to staff them in the right place in your office. For the highest efficiency of your business, our team can put your office in order.

Performance Management and Appraisal

Like analysis of the market, performers i.e. employees too need to be analysed from time to time. Monitoring and reviewing their performances with regard to their work objectives and companies goals and assessing their contribution to the organisation, then documenting the evaluation of their performances are some more services which our HR team can provide you like experts.

Decision Making on Mergers

Our team can stand by your side and advise you about the right strategies to take during mergers which your organisation may have to go through. You can rely on us in making the right decisions for you.

Evolve ExcellenceTM is proud of its long-standing relationships with its clients. Most of our revenue is generated from them which is a clear indicator of the quality and punctuality of our services.

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